Advantages of using Livey headset for call center

Gone are those days when headsets were cranky, fragile and messy. This digital era is the era of new wireless headsets that make professional contact center jobs much more accessible. Livey has brought you a plethora of exclusive call center headsets packed with remarkable features to suit your call center needs.

We understand our customers and their evolving specific business needs. Hence, we offer integrated solutions for call centers with a passion for innovation & inspiring technologies with a mission to make our customer’s day-to-day activities an absolute success!

Here is the list of advantages you can add to your professional life with the best call center headset from Livey’s latest collection.

1.                  Comfort and convenience at their best

Taking calls or calling clients for hours must be comfortable and convenient. These two factors decide your professional output daily. The Splendor 710 BT Series headsets are what you need. Wield a headset from this series for hours and forget the discomfort. This series of headsets is designed by introducing ergonomic and lightweight features. Rest assured that your ears and head will not ache from wearing one for hours.

2.                  Smooth, soothing and high-quality sound transmission

 The headsets are designed to offer an exceptional stereo experience with an exclusive interface to transmit high-quality sound to both ends. The HIFI HD Audio interface provides seamless sound transmission for professional and entertainment purposes.

3.                  Artificial Intelligence (AI) for noise reduction

The latest models of headsets come with a brilliant hardware system backed with AI-powered noise reduction features. It offers the best experience for professional executives to receive and make calls in a busy call center. It is also ideal for professionals to make and receive calls on the go. The AI interface offers a brilliant acoustic experience and omits all kinds of noise to emphasize the speaker’s voice correctly.

4.                  Best-in-class Bluetooth

The best call center headset from Livey comes with top-notch Bluetooth V5.1 technology that allows a caller to stay connected with a PC, laptop, tablet or any smart device within a 30-m radius. Hence, there will be no interruption in the calls as this modern technology will keep the headset connected with the concerned devices and provide a smooth transmission of sounds through conventional barriers. You will enjoy proper mobility without sacrificing audio quality as an advantage for your professional life.

5.                  Easier to integrate with multiple devices

You can easily connect the best-in-class headsets to the latest smart devices. They are compatible with the conventional operating systems and browsers used in call center offices. The headsets can perfectly integrate their features with the management software platforms used in contact centers.

You can also connect these headsets with more than one smart device simultaneously. Switching headsets or devices is unnecessary for communicating with multiple people on the call. Only one headset connected to various devices will do the trick.

Best headset for best calls

Add these top advantages of using the best call center headset from the house of Livey. These durable and elegant headsets will be the backbone of your professional setup. Enjoy crystal-clear communication with clients and add more value to your brand image.

Managing your contact center operations is easy and efficient with LIVEY headset solutions! Visit https://livey.us/contact-center-headsets/ to know more about our integrated headset solutions.

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