LIVEY LT-WC17-AF High performance webcam
LIVEY LT-WC17-AF autofocus full HD Webcam
LIVEY LT-WC17-AF full HD webcam

"Unlock the world of crystal-clear video with HD webcams - your gateway to lifelike virtual connections and professional-quality content creation"

LIVEY WC17-AF Webcam Specification

LIVEY LT-WC17-AF webcam

“Unleash the brilliance of every moment with our HD webcam. Autofocus locks onto the action, capturing life’s vivid details, delivering video that’s razor-sharp and dynamically immersive.”

  • Viweing angle: Diagonal 80 degree
  • Microphone: Built-in dual-omni directional microphone.

“Experience life in stunning detail with our full HD webcam, capturing every moment in brilliant 2 million pixels, bringing sharpness and clarity to your video calls and content creation.”

  • Audio sampling rate: 2 channel 16bit 8k 16k 32k 44.1k 48k
  • Audio format: PCM, Compatible UAC 1.0
LIVEY LT-WC17-AF webcam