The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Call Center Headset


In the fast-paced world of call, the importance of having a reliable and high-quality headset cannot be overstated. A good headset is not only essential for clear communication but also plays a crucial role in ensuring the comfort and productivity of call center agents. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the key to consider when selecting the best center headset and provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. Types of Call Headsets:

Wired Headsets

  • Benefits of wired headsets:
    • Reliable connection
    • No need to worry about battery life
  • Considerations for choosing a wired headset:
    • Cable length
    • Comfort of ear cups
  • Popular brands offering wired headsets:
    • LIVEY
    • Plantronics
    • Jabra
    • Sennheiser
LIVEY Wired Headset for call centers professionals

Wireless Headsets

  • Advantages of wireless headsets:
    • Freedom of movement
    • Reduced cable clutter
  • Factors to consider before choosing a wireless headset:
    • Wireless range
    • Battery life
  • Top recommended wireless headset models:
    • LIVEY
    • Logitech G Pro X
    • SteelSeries Arctis 7
    • HyperX Cloud Flight
LIVEY Wireless Headsets for call centers proffesionals

USB Headsets

  • Reasons to opt for a USB headset:
    • Easy plug-and-play setup
    • Often compatible with multiple devices
  • Things to keep in mind when selecting a USB headset:
    • Compatibility with operating system
    • Audio quality
  • Notable USB headset options in the market:
    • LIVEY
    • Corsair HS60
    • Razer Kraken X
    • Turtle Beach Recon 70
LIVEY USB Headset for call centers professionals.

Features to Look for in a Call Center Headset

Noise Cancellation Technology

  • Importance of noise cancellation in call centers:
    • Minimizes background noise for clearer conversations
  • Different types of noise cancellation technologies:
    • Active noise cancellation (ANC)
    • Passive noise cancellation
    • Enhanced Noise Cancellation (ENC)
  • Recommended noise-canceling headset models:
LIVEY 410DM, MS Teams optimized wired headset for call centers professionals.

Comfort and Durability

  • Significance of comfort for call center agents:
    • Long hours of wearing the headset
  • Features that enhance comfort and durability:
    • Adjustable headbands
    • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Highly rated headsets in terms of comfort and durability:
LIVEY 815 Series comfortable and durable wired headset for call centers professionals.

Compatibility with Call Center Software

  • Why software compatibility is crucial:
    • Seamless integration for efficient workflow
  • Factors to check for software compatibility:
    • Compatibility with VoIP systems
    • Plug-and-play compatibility
  • Headsets known for seamless integration with call center software:
    • LIVEY 500DM Series
    • Cisco Headset 500 Series
    • Poly Blackwire Series
    • Logitech Zone Wireless
LIVEY 500DM noise cancelling wired headsets for call centers professionals

Buying Guide for Call Center Headsets

Budget Considerations

  • Determining your budget for a call center headset:
    • Setting a clear budget range
  • Finding the best value for money:
    • Balancing price with quality features
  • Budget-friendly headset options without compromising quality:
LIVEY 311 Series, light weight, budget friendly wired headset for call centers professionals.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Importance of checking customer feedback:
    • Real-life experiences shared by users
  • How to interpret reviews and ratings:
    • Look for common patterns and trends
  • Top-rated call center headsets based on customer reviews:
    • LIVEY 510 and 410 Series
    • Plantronics Voyager Focus UC
    • Sennheiser SC 660
    • Jabra Engage 65

Warranty and After-Sales Support

  • Benefits of having a warranty:
    • Peace of mind in case of malfunctions
  • What to look for in warranty terms:
    • Duration of warranty
    • Coverage of repairs or replacements
  • Headsets backed by reliable after-sales support:
LIVEY 800 Series AI nose cancelling wired headset for call centers professionals.


In conclusion, choosing the best call center headset involves considering a range of factors such as wired vs. wireless, noise cancellation technology, comfort, and compatibility with call center software. By understanding your unique needs and preferences, as well as conducting thorough research, you can select a headset that enhances communication quality and agent satisfaction. Remember, a well-chosen headset is an investment in the success of your call center operations.


How do I know if a headset is compatible with my call center software?

Simply check the specifications provided by the headset manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your specific call center software.

Are wireless headsets better than wired headsets for call center use?

Wireless headsets offer greater freedom of movement, but wired headsets are often more reliable in terms of connection stability. The choice depends on your specific requirements.

What is the average lifespan of a call center headset before needing a replacement?

The lifespan of a call center headset can vary depending on usage and quality. On average, a high-quality headset can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years before needing a replacement.

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