office and enterprise headset solutions

Experience Solutions designed for office professionals compatible with all leading desk phone manufacturers & softphone applications.

Headsets play one essential role while managing communications in your office. A reliable and comfortable communication device is what you need to ensure your business communications are productive. We at LIVEY offer a wide range of unified office headsets & conference speakerphone devices to meet different business scenarios, including desk-phone connectivity, VoIP phone communication, MS Teams compatible devices, and mobile phones for on-the-go calls.

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet Solutions & more…

LIVEY headsets are optimized for Microsoft Teams & other virtual meeting platforms!
MS Teams optimized headsets support call control features like call answer, call end, volume +, volume -, Mute and synchronize with the Teams App.

Mobile & tablet connectivity solutions

Connectivity with Mobile Phone & Table Devices

Working in an open office? Experience hand-free communication while handling calls on your mobile & tablet devices to ensure you never want to miss a word within noisy surroundings. LIVEY headsets come with multiple connectivity options like “3.5mm Jack and USB-C connectors, featured with HD sound speaker, noise-canceling mic and hearing protection”, lets you go hands free & experience a new level of communication. These headsets are also well-designed with light weight, to help you with long hours of wearing comfort!

Explore LIVEY headsets for Office & Enterprise!


Livey features a wide range of contact center, office, and home headsets for a professional calling experience & extended usage- from taking calls, telecommuting, video conferencing, interactive online education, or even listening to music. Livey headsets are multitaskers that block background noise and allow you to be productive on your tasks, even in a busy environment.

Headsets make your work and life more manageable! They free up your hands so you can multitask while you talk; voice filters make you sound sharper and more precise in calls and video conference meetings. Select between a wide range of wired and wireless call center headsets designed to work with your PC, laptop, tablet & smartphone devices.


AI noise cancelling headset with microphone offers powerful microphone background noise cancelling by using dual microphone array, AI algorithm to filter various background noises and only allows caller’s voice to be transmitted to the other end. Designed specifically for open offices, premium contact centers & home-office users.


Active noise control (ANC), or active noise reduction (ANR), is a technology for reducing unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first. Reducing ambient sounds around you so you can hear your calls and focus without distraction. Also, headsets with ANC feature will also eliminate background noise of your co-workers who are simultaneously in other conversations. Variety of mic technologies and software algorithms built into these headsets make this noise cancellation possible. This feature allows you to continue managing your calls without having to change your working environment making your work-life a lot easier.


Our Wireless headset connects via Bluetooth® or a USB-Dongle receiver. These Wireless headsets offers full features of its wired counterparts along with the freedom to move around & stretch while still using your headset. Use these wireless headsets to take phone calls, join and initiate video meetings, and listen to music. Even without the cord, you can still adjust volume, mute calls, and make music selections. Simple on-ear controls make this possible. The added freedom is helpful not just for people who work in a busy office setting. It’s also useful for working at home. Working hands-free opens the ability to go & make your coffee, grab your printout, and perform any number of home or work-related tasks while staying on the call.


Our Wired headsets comes with multiple connectivity options, via a RJ Connection to desk phones, USB-A cable for PC/laptops, a 3.5 mm jack or UCB-C to smartphone & tablet devices. These Wired headsets are compatible with most operating systems, providing easy plug-and-play solutions for calls, video meetings, webinars, online training, or even gaming. Headsets with USB Connection offers simple in-line controls to easily adjust volume, mute calls without any disruption. In addition, You can also adjust sound settings with the on-screen volume controls on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone devices.