LT-100M Aviation Headset
LT-100M Aviation Headset
LT-100M Aviation Headset

"Elevate your aviation experience with our cutting-edge headset. Where precision meets safety, every word is crystal clear, ensuring a smooth journey through the skies."

LT-100M Series Specification

LT-100M Aviation Headset

“Stay connected across the skies. Our aviation headset’s seamless connectivity ensures clear and reliable communication, whether you’re navigating the clouds or touching down.”

  • Dual Plugs for general aircraft
  • Earphoneplug : PJ-055 (.25″F6.3 Plug)
  • Microphoneplug : PJ-068 (.206″F5.2 Plug)
  • Straight Cord from headset to molded plug 130cm

“Experience aviation like never before with unparalleled sound quality. Our aviation headset delivers crystal-clear audio, ensuring you hear every instruction and detail with precision.”

  • Noise cancelling electrect microphone as standard, dynamic microphone could be optional
  • Low profile volume control Knob
LT-100M Aviation Headset
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