Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Speakerphone for Your Office

This digital era is the new era of a hybrid work environment. Hence, Bluetooth speakers are gaining popularity and have become one of the most convenient ways for wireless connections to your smartphone, tablets, laptops and other devices. With innovations incorporated in the latest models, speakers have become speaker phones. They can be used as an entertainment appliance and for meetings and conferences. Furthermore, other modern features, including a hands-free experience, versatility and compatibility with other devices, make them famous, offering convenience to the users.

Let us discuss the benefits of using a Bluetooth Speakerphone.

Benefits of Bluetooth speakerphones

1.                  Easier to pair with the latest professional and personal devices

One of the prime benefits of using a Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone is its exclusive software platform. It can easily be detected and connected with popular smart devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The newer models have an inbuilt operating system compatible with the latest unified communication platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, GoTo meeting, etc. Take part in meeting discussions keeping your hands free and offering greater comfort. What’s more, controlling the speakerphone is relatively easy. They also have intuitive buttons for primary controls, including adjusting the volume.

2.                  Comes with Bluetooth V5.3

Another reason for using such a speakerphone is that the new model comes with Bluetooth V5.3, the latest in class. It can connect with devices within 5 meters of the range, offering an unhindered communication channel. It can be connected to multiple smart devices simultaneously, offering a relentless communication channel for conversations on any platform. Hence, there is no need to switch audio devices for connecting calls and attending meetings simultaneously.

3.                  USB connection

You can also connect such speakerphones to laptops and computers via USB Type-C cables. As mentioned earlier, the intelligent operating system of a modern speakerphone is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and other popular operating systems of computers.

<strong>Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Speakerphone for Your Office</strong>

4.                  Artificial Intelligence-based noise cancellation

The operating system of a Bluetooth Speakerphone comes with AI-based noise-cancellation features. Even if you are amidst the chaos, your voice will be transferred noise free to all the ends connected via a unified communication platform. The latest models also come with a 4 MEMS Microphone Array to catch your voice perfectly from anywhere within a 5 m radius of the meeting space.

5.                  Versatility

A Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone can work as a contact center voice assistant, open office calling device, online education speaker, etc. It can also be used as a personal collaboration device and a more-advanced microphone. It is easier to carry and integrate with the latest operating systems, unified communication platforms, web browsers, etc. Hence, it comes in a one-in-all small package.

6.                  High-definition voice communication

The latest models of these speakerphones come with a Dual-Core HIFI 4 DSP chip that reduces noise to the highest level and delivers voice appropriately for seamless communication. These models’ speakers are good enough to understand what an audience is saying.

In a nutshell

A small yet versatile Bluetooth Speakerphone is what you need to set up an office anywhere you want. With its easier-to-connect interface and exclusive hardware features, you will find the best-in-class communication device to make your work easier and entertainment better. 

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