Enhance Your Visual Presence with LIVEY LT-WC17-AF Full HD Webcam – See the World in Stunning Clarity!

we’re excited to introduce our latest innovation – the LIVEY LT-WC17-AF Full HD Webcam, designed to revolutionize your video experience.

Here’s why you should consider upgrading to our Full HD Webcam:

Crystal Clear Full HD Quality: Experience video like never before with Full HD1536p resolution (2048 x 1536 pixels) at a smooth 30fps. Every detail comes to life, ensuring your viewers see you at your best.

Auto-Focus and Lighting Correction: Say goodbye to blurry visuals and poor lighting. Our webcam boasts intelligent autofocus and lighting correction to keep you looking sharp in any environment.

Privacy Matters: Your privacy is important, which is why we’ve included a built-in privacy shutter. You have full control over when your camera is active.

Optical Excellence: With a 5-megapixel optical sensor and a 1/4″ sensor size, you’re guaranteed exceptional image quality, every time.

Versatile Mounting: Our webcam features a universal mount, suitable for laptops, LCD screens, and even CRT monitors. Wherever you work, the LIVEY Webcam can adapt.

Flexibility at Its Best: Tired of static webcams? Our webcam offers a 90-degree vertical and 360-degree horizontal rotation. Find the perfect angle for your videos effortlessly.

Superior Sound: No external microphones needed. We’ve integrated dual omni-directional microphones to ensure your voice comes through crisp and clear.

Plug & Play Simplicity: No drivers or complicated installations. Simply plug in, and you’re ready to roll. It’s that easy!

Stay Connected: With a generous 200cm long cable featuring a magnetic ring, your connection remains stable, ensuring smooth communication.

Discover how our LIVEY LT-WC17-AF Full HD Webcam can elevate your video conferencing, streaming, and content creation. It’s the tool you need to make an impression.

Ready to embrace the world in stunning clarity? Upgrade your webcam game with LIVEY.

Visit: www.livey.us

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