Guide to Choose Feature Rich and Cost-Effective Headset for Call center.

One of the prime elements of the infrastructure of a call center is the most suitable headset used by executives. We all know how daunting an executive’s day is in a call center. A headset is chosen accordingly to offer convenience to the executives making calls for hours straight.

Here is a guide to follow to ensure that the headsets will withstand daily wear and tear and offer the best features.

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A guide to finding the best call center headset

Understanding the features of a headset will help you realize what should be the best headset for a call center.

Here is the set of modern features that a headset must contain.

1.  Ergonomic design

A headset is a pair of headphones with a headrest and two earpieces. It means the over-the-head design should be ergonomic. Most modern headsets are lighter in weight and more durable. They are made of industry-grade polymers and metal frames, offering a lightweight yet stable framework.

Moreover, the headrest and earpieces are cushioned to eradicate discomfort. These headsets can be used for hours without any hassle. Executives find such headphones handy and user-friendly to meet their daily responsibilities.

2.  Noise cancelation

A call center will not be peaceful as all the executives will be busy calling. Hence, the sounds from different cubicles will cause noise and hinder ongoing communication. Therefore, you must choose the best headset for a  call center with noise cancellation features.

The introduction of active noise cancellation or reduction technology enables call center executives to talk peacefully with customers even in the busiest part of the office. The background filter used in modern headsets will do the trick.

3.  Connectivity

Call center headsets are in wired or wireless forms. Wired headsets restrict the users’ movement, whereas wireless headsets allow them to move within the Bluetooth range. The latest headsets use Bluetooth V5.1 technology that offers a transmission range of 30 meters.

On the other hand, wireless headsets will need regular charging. Even though they don’t need to be connected to a system repeatedly, they will need proper charging for normal use. Modern wireless headsets offer as much as 40 hours of talk time.

4.  HIFI Audio

The audio transmission on both sides will be better. The new features will cancel noise and high-frequency sounds to make hours of calling stress-free for the executives. On the other hand, the customers will also be able to listen to HIFI audio at their end, making conversations more fruitful and the daily attempts more productive.


Follow this small guide to find the best headset for the call center and make your team more productive. Check your requirements and start scouting the best options. Find and compare the best headsets that simultaneously offer quality audio, durability and comfort.

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