Jabra /Poly /Livey: Which Office Headset Is Best?

Choosing a pair of office headsets can be challenging when there are so many brands to consider. It is a daunting task for everyone to choose for the first time. Unless they have experienced using specific brands.

Three of the most popular brands in this industry offering unified voice solutions are Poly, Jabra and Livey. All these flagship performers offer competitive features in their office, home, and call center headsets. These businesses are significant audio inventors, providing top-notch audio, outstanding functionality, and some of the most ergonomic and pleasant wearable products.

Do these headsets stand toe-to-toe with the strong reputation they have?

Let’s explore, compare, and find out which brand to consider for an office headset.

Comparison of Jabra, Livey and Poly office Bluetooth headsets

1.  Jabra headsets

The Bluetooth headsets from Jabra offer stereo configuration with wireless and USB connectivity. They have an exclusive microphone array that enables noise management and easier audio transmission to the other end. The battery life of these headphones ranges from up to 37 hours.  

2.  Poly headsets

These Bluetooth headsets come with a mute button and a robust design. It offers multi-device connectivity and intelligent sensors. The battery life of these headsets is not mentioned on the official website.

3.  Livey headsets

These headsets come with Bluetooth V5.1 and can be connected to multiple devices. It has an AI-driven noise reduction interface and 40 hours of talk time. The standby time is 200 hours. Like the others, it is also compatible with unified communication platforms.

In this aspect, the office Bluetooth headsets from Livey are comparatively better than the rest.

Comparison of Jabra, Livey and Poly wired office headsets

1.  Jabra wired headsets

The wired headsets from this brand can be connected to a PC, laptop, tablet and even smartphone via USB. They support active noise cancellation and reduce high-frequency sounds for comfort.

2.  Poly wired headsets

The headsets have customizable mute settings and call management keys. These headsets can be connected to a PC, laptop and mobile devices via USB. They also have a patented Poly Black wire noise clarity interface.

3.  Livey wired headsets

Livey headsets come with sturdy wires and USB ports. They also have intelligent controllers to customize and make work easier. All the headphones have noise cancellation and hearing protection features.

Considering all the features of these three brands, it is hard to decide which office headset is ideal. Based on the price and customizable buttons, you can choose a pair of office headsets accordingly.


Comparing these three brands becomes much easier when you know what to look into. For instance, most offices go for wireless ones when the executives have to move around for work inside the office. In this aspect, choosing the Livey Bluetooth headsets will be ideal as they offer better connectivity (up to 40 meters). These headsets come with an optional charging stand and USB dongle also.

Similarly, these headsets’ battery life is excellent compared to the Jabra and Poly. In a nutshell, pick Livey office headsets for better performance, longer battery life, and AI-based noise reduction features. To know more about the headsets, visit https://www.livey-tech.com/contact/ and contact the executives.

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