Livey’s Best Headphones with Microphone for PC: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Functionality

Livey has brought you the ultimate set of headsets you can use for work and entertainment simultaneously. These headphones have been created with in-house designs and exclusive technological features.

Let us quickly look at the categories you can add to your PC and make your work and entertainment more fun and engaging.

Wired headphones for PC

Livey offers the best durable headphones with exclusive features for your work.

Livey's Best Headphones with Microphone for PC: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Functionality

These headphones comprise microphones so that you can attend meetings and make calls. Here is the list of wired headphones with USB connectivity.

  • Splendor LT-810 Series
  • Splendor LT-800 Series
  • Stellar LT-510 Series
  • Savvy 410DU Direct USB Stereo Headset
  • Savvy 410DJU 2-in-1 (3.5mm + USB port) Stereo Headset
  • Savvy LT-310 Series
  • Savvy LT-303 Series

The categories of these headphones have been segmented based on the design features. You can scout the product features and decide which one is ideal.

Wireless headsets for PC

In this category, you will find the best-in-class Bluetooth headphones you can connect to your PC with a USB Bluetooth connector available as an option.

Livey's Best Headphones with Microphone for PC: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Functionality

Here is the list of subcategories you can search for the perfect headphone with a microphone for PC.

  • Splendor LT-710BTD Wireless
  • Splendor LT-710BTM Wireless

These two subcategories offer the best Bluetooth headsets you can choose from. If you are looking for wireless headphones for personal and professional purposes, go for the Splendor LT-710BTD Wireless series. The LT-710BTM Wireless comes in one earpiece mode.

Features in the Livey headphones

All these headphones designed and manufactured by Livey have some splendid standard features. Here is what you need to know.

1.  AI-driven noise cancellation interface

The noise cancellation interface of the Livey headphones is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). This interface can detect the noise in the background and filter it to pass the audio generated from a caller’s voice. Hence, you can make HD calls and exceptional communication without noise interrupting you.

2.  Easy connection with your PC

The wired headsets are designed with a 3.5 mm jack and an optional USB port. It means you can easily connect a pair of headphones to your PC and integrate it with the unified communication platforms easily. You can also use them for an excellent music and entertainment experience.

The wireless ones have an optional Bluetooth V5.1 USB connector and a charger. Once integrated, the headphone will automatically connect to the system when activated. Their battery offers more than 40 hours of continuous use and 200 hours of standby time.

3.  Supreme design

The ergonomic design of these headphones offers comfort and convenience. The cushioned framework will not cause any discomfort on your head and ears.

Final word

Livey has the best headphone with a microphone for PC for your personal and professional use. You can choose the most convenient option according to your requirements and integrate it easily with your system.

Visit https://www.livey-tech.com/contact/ to learn more about these headphones.

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