Top-class headset solution for call centers, education and gaming from Livey

December 18th, 2022: Livey presents the collection of the best-in-class headsets for professionals and students. The latest entries of high-quality wired and wireless models in this segment from this brand have made life easier for users. All the headsets are packed with modern features that perfectly match users’ current requirements.

One brilliant example is the Savvy LT-410DU USB Headset. It comes with a USB cord offering a world-class stereo experience. The sound quality is crystal clear whether a user is attending a call or listening to music for hours. It is compatible with laptops, computers and smart devices with USB ports.

You can rotate the speakers 90° degrees and tilt the microphone to 270° degrees to set the headset according to a user’s convenience. It has an analog control panel with switches to increase or decrease sound volume and disengage the microphone or speaker. This headset also comes with exclusive noise-cancelling features to make calls easier.

Another entry in the wired category is the Stellar LT-510DU USB Headset. It is an affordable headset designed for professionals who work for hours online. Students and academicians will also find this model user-friendly and easier to integrate with an intelligent system.

There are multiple choices a user can find in the infirmary of Livey. All the headsets are designed by focusing on the specific industry requirements. The headsets are sturdier in construction and come with top-quality comfort features, keeping relentless use and seamless communication in mind.

Apart from wired headsets, Livey also manufactures and supplies wireless headsets for business operations, study and gaming. These headsets have top-notch noise cancellation features along with Bluetooth V5.1 or higher versions of technology for seamless connectivity with smart devices.

To know more about headset solution for call centers, education and gaming, visit https://livey.us/ and check out our innovative and unified communication devices and voice solutions.

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